Guide To Best Toy Stores In Chennai

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Toys can be much more than just a plaything. Legos, puzzles, brain games and soft toys can make up for your entire childhood. Remember when you were young, and you had your favourite plushie that you could never sleep without? You can live that phase again with the little ones in your life. Check out the best toy stores in Chennai to play, learn and grow with those ankle-biters and spoil them too!


If your budget is high, then Hamleys will certainly open up a whole new world of fantasy for you and your child. They have the cutest plushies, board games, battery bikes and cars, remote-controlled toys and even Nerf guns! Mixed with the bright red interiors, you just cannot miss the experience that the place has to offer. They also host a number of interactive events for tiny tots. 

Mera Toy Shop Mera Baby Shop

Plushie puppies, Doraemon's and so much more, Mera Toy Shop Mera Baby Shop, is more like a localised version of Hamleys! Along with hundred of soft toys (not exaggerating), they have rattle sticks for babies and board games for kids. You can find scrapbooks, crayons, glitter pens and notepads to fire up your kids' creativity too. Prices start from just INR 250. 

Mom & Teddy

All your baby needs will be solved at Mom & Teddy store. They have humongous teddy bears in a range of colours. You can go for fluorescent and bright pinks if you don't want to go for traditional brown ones. They have toy cars and bikes that your baby can take pleasure riding in.  Did we say just teddies? They have bear-size huggable Doraemons and pocket-sized versions too with prices that can go as high as INR 2000. You can get rings and hanging toys for your babies' cribs too! 

Murugesan Sathyavani Toy Store

For the love of soft toys and plushies, Murugesan Sathyani Toy Store is the store that you can go absolutely budget with. With prices as low as INR 100, you can buy the soft, teddy version of your favourite Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon characters. From your childhood love for Popeye and Tom and Jerry to the present kids' favourites like Chotta Bheem, Peppa Big and Winnie The Pooh, this store has the cutest toy versions of all these. 

Baby Lou

From badminton rackets and cricket bats to Barbies, Hot Wheels and board games, Baby Lou in Mylapore has a range of multi-branded toys on offer. They have traditional wooden toys too for you to show an older time to your kids along with foam toys for babies! They have mini versions of arcade games like Whack-a-mole along with traditional chess and ludo. If you are looking for the hanging zoo for your baby cot or roller skates for your kids, this decade-old place is perfect. 


Action figures of your favourite superheroes or the all-time diva, Barbie, Landmark is the ultimate place to not only pick books and stationaries but toys as well. You can head to the activity section to pick the most innovative board games for your kids or pick out figurines of Iron Man or Hulk. If your kiddy is feeling a little more adventurous, then they have roller skates and tricycles as well along with life-size lightsabers from Star Wars.

Woody Toy Store

Why not make your kids go eco-friendly with the kind of toys you played with as kids? Woody Toy Store has toys and board games made entirely out of wood. Your kid can go wild with their imagination and build the entire animal kingdom with their range of wooden animals and birds. These inanimate toys are movable and colourful too! Or they can have their own little tea party with their kitchen and tea sets. The prices start as low as INR 250.


Although Funskool has a soft toy section, it is their LEGOs that continue to be loved by all. It offers a wide range of LEGO toys from tiny lego aeroplanes to big colourful blocks that your little one can build its own buildings with!