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Get Out-Of-The-Box(er) Merch Courtesy This Killer Underwear Subscription Service!

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    What Makes It Awesome

    What’s normally an afterthought while shopping or an inconvenience to replace, underwear isn’t something most of us men take seriously. Anything goes, eh? To fix that, Buttalks offers to pick and send you underwear that fits you and your needs. Known to India's first men’s underwear subscription company that sends you custom, designer-picked underwear, Buttalks was founded by three awesome folks - Brijesh Devareddy,  Manish Kishore and Surej Salim in 2017. And the idea behind it? Pretty simple. To get men to wear better underwear. 

    So how does it work? The process starts with answering a questionnaire where you enter your size, pick your colour preferences like light or dark colours, choose what purpose they’re for like outdoor activities, date night, office use, home wear, and so on. The completed questionnaire is then sent over to their internationally-experienced, in-house stylist, Zasha who chooses underwear for you based on your answers and budget.

    As for the subscription plans, Buttalks' got three different price points, which in turn will affect the brands being chosen. The lowest price point plan starts at around INR 2,799 for an annual membership and offers brands like Jockey and Levi’s. The more expensive plans have designer brands like Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani, and Superdry. The annual subscription sends you three pairs of underwear three times a year to sort you out. They’ve got a sampler option too that’s a one-time consignment of three pairs of underwear for about INR 999. 

    So men, no need to get jealous when the ladies get their pretty boxes. Buttalks is not far behind. We love that each discreetly packaged box comes with a special handwritten note from them, explaining why it's the best choice for you! Ladies, if you’re planning to do a surprise spring clean of the boxers’ drawer, then you know where to replenish them from.

      Available Online