20 Types Of Ghee To Serums & Washes:This Ayurveda Brand Likes To Moo It All!

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Ever heard of Moringa or Spirulina ghee? Or dental care products handcrafted with cow-based ingredients that go beyond curd, milk or ghee? We hadn't either till we came across Orrina - a lifestyle brand specialising in Panchagavya Ayurveda, a science which fuses Ayurveda with cow-based products. Everything they offer is made with raw materials sourced ethically and locally from farmers and includes skincare, haircare, body care and general wellness products.

    We're obsessed with their range of ghee - they've got nearly 20 different variants spread across options like Amla ghee, Triphala ghee, hand-churned Vedic ghee along with indulgent options like Turkish Apricot, Royal Kishmish and more. Prices start from INR 665 (200 ml). Orrina's haircare range is just as appealing featuring serums, oils and cleansers. We're torn between trying their Arka & Hibiscus Hair Growth Serum and their Citrus Scalp Detox. The packaging is pretty cool too! 

    You can also shop for body oils, face serums, bamboo charcoal toothbrushes, mouthwashes and hand rubs. If you're planning to switch to Ayurvedic or herbal products, we suggest you give Orrina a shot! But, yeah. Regardless of what you choose, we bet the ingredient list will leave you amused. 

      Available on LBB