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Join This Huge Community Of Frisbee Players For A Game By The Beach At Bessy

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Looking for some fun activity (that’ll get those muscles into gear) on the beach? Check out this frisbee club – Chennai Ultimate Frisbee – that’s going to give you one heck of a workout.

What Makes It Awesome

If you happen to see people running behind a flying disc at Bessy, you’ve most likely spotted players of Chennai Ultimate Frisbee doing their every day thing. The sport is similar to football and rugby where the primary objective is to pass the disc among players until a player catches the disc in the end-zone of the opponents. Players cannot move with the disc in hand. There are seven players are classified as either cutters or handlers from each team. (Cutters are the ones who score and they’re a lot more attacking on the field whereas handlers are the better throwers who help the former.)

Although Ultimate is a relatively new sport in the country, it’s been India’s fastest growing team sport with over 300 players in the city. You can be a part of the team and play tournaments or just play for recreation by joining a practice session, the choice is yours. But all you sports buffs out there, don’t miss out on this fun beach sport and be part of a community that considers the beach a second home rather than just a play ground.

Ultimate is not just a sport but can also be an insane workout. So why hit the gym when you can stay fit while playing a sport on the beach? Ultimate includes extensive high-intensity running, lightning fast reflexes, and jumping due to the aerial flight of the disc. This will surely cover cardio, leg day and arm day in a single session; so much more fun than going to a gym, we think. The sport also teaches you so much about team spirit and it’s one of the few co-ed sports where both genders can assume either cutting or handling positions. Double yay!