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Unicorn Hair, Don't Care: These Chennai Women Reveal Their Hair Colour Secrets

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Yeah, we’ve been trained to believe that only long black locks are the ultimate symbol of feminine beauty. We’re not denying that it isn’t beautiful but have you seen how gorgeous women are with short green hair, bubblegum pink and sun-kissed waves too? These women took the plunge and are here to tell us where they got their tresses coloured from and how they rock them.

Galaxy Hair

Model Vyishali Kemkar got her hair coloured at the Schwarzkopf Professional Academy in T Nagar by Bony Sasidharan.  The process was very time consuming and took at least 5-6 hours as Bony had to bleach and carefully place reds, blues, pinks, and violet shades strategically on her head. She says the colour only lasts up to 10 washes and after that, she ended up getting a gorgeous blue and silvery fade and now we’re not sure which we like more.

Hair Care: She uses L’Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Instant Smoothing serum and oils her hair every week.

Price Of Treatment: INR 5,000 upwards

Words For The Wise: Do experiment once in a while but try not to make it too often as the colour really dries your hair, she says. She advises using homemade products using natural ingredients like coconut and hibiscus on one’s hair.

Chocolate Swirls

Homemaker Pavithra Sathyanarayanan got her hair coloured at VURVE salon. Her stylist was Mahesh and he transformed her hair that already had brown streaks into global highlights without using bleach. She says it was more of a reddish brown and the colour did run a bit the first couple of washes but even the fade was a nice warm colour. And the colour barely dried her she says, mildly surprised. So go for a look like this if you want less damaged hair.

Hair Care: She uses Loreal vitamo colour shampoo and conditioner and Biomatrix hair serum to control the frizz. She oils her hair every two weeks using a slightly warm mix of coconut and olive oil.

Price Of Treatment: INR 4,000 (approx.)

Words For The Wise: Be sure to have an idea of what kind of colour you want to get done and do some research online. This can help the stylist give you what exactly you want while ensuring it can modified in a way to suit your face and skin tone.

Sun-Kissed Waves

Okay fine, this one is me! I’ve had my hair coloured red, turquoise and warm browns before but this was the first I was going legally blonde (ish) and getting it done in Chennai! I got my hair coloured by Mani, Advance Stylist, at Chennai’s first BBLUNT Mini in Nungambakkam. We went for a honey mocha and gold balayage _ we left the crown naturally black and the rest melted into lovely warm tones. My hair had to be bleached and the entire process took about four hours.

Hair Care: I just use Loreal vitamo colour conditioner and apply serum before straightening my hair if I plan on using an iron

Price Of Treatment: INR 8,000 (approx.)

Words For The Wise: Look up photographs on Instagram for tons of inspiration and don’t be afraid to experiment with colour. I love bright colours but they fade really fast so if you want colours that last longer go for golds and browns. And do use colour protect conditioner!

Peacock Blue

Swetha Jayakumar is an architect based in Chennai who got also got her hair coloured at BBLUNT by Mani. If you want a bright colour for yourself, check out her eccentric blue curls.  She was a bit reluctant because she says her hair is super curly, coarse and high maintenance. But she spoke to the stylists here a day in advance and decided to take the plunge. And a month later, she’s still in love with her hair. The greenish tinge has faded but the blue is still conspicuous. The stylists mentioned that the colour will last up to 10-15 washes.

Hair Care: Her curly hair needs a lot of moisture so she uses L’Oreal Paris Professionnel Tecni Art Liss Control Smooth Gel-Cream to control the volume.

Price Of Treatment: INR 8,000 (approx.)

Words For The Wise: If you’re thinking of colouring your hair, just jump right to it. Don’t keep putting it off. It’s just hair! The compliments will come aplenty, she says.