Spot A Sick Pupper On The Road? Give This Rescue & Rehab Clinic A Call & Volunteer Too!

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Cloud No 9 Kennel and Nursing Care is a home and a rehab clinic for rescued animals, and they need your help!

What Makes It Awesome

Sometime before June 2016, Dinesh and Bhavana (animal lovers like you and me) were searching for a place to treat and rehab rescued/injured animals they had found, at an affordable rate. Borne out of a dearth of such places, they decided to step up, hire a few trained vets and create Cloud No 9 Kennel and Nursing Care.

They currently have three services on offer, the first is medical aid and rehab for injured and rescued animals. Second, they also function as a kennel for dog owners that need to travel and want their pets taken care of. Third, they conduct awareness, sterilisation and anti-rabies vaccination camps for strays and other animals at subsidised rates. These camps are done on request from sponsors who call in informing them of their neighbouring strays that either need to get spayed or vaccinated. Vaccinations are performed by the roadside which means you don’t even have to bring in the dogs to the clinic.

They even go as far as to do follow up vaccinations to ensure that the animals are treated fully. While they do a lot of work with our canine companions, their work extends to cows, cats, birds as well. The animals they treat and heal often require homes to live in after they’ve been nursed back to health. Though unfortunately with the craze for buying new breeds, adoption drives like the ones they conduct don’t always result in the little ones finding homes.

The costs for such an enterprise are great, especially when you take into consideration the fact that very few people are actually willing to sponsor medical care for injured strays. The kennel service acts as a source of revenue for the other two services but even that income is meager compared to the costs required for treatments, surgeries, and upkeep. Thankfully though, they have a bunch of ways you can help.

Finding permanent homes or even foster homes is a great way to help them and the dogs they house. At the time of writing this article, they have five healed and healthy, rescued Rottweilers up for adoption. They’ve been taken care of with lots of love and affection and are eagerly looking for homes to move in to. 


If you have space and time to adopt one of these cuties, contact them on the number below. Alternatively volunteering via social media to help find homes for these doggos is another way you can help! They’re also looking for sponsors to help support their growing medical and upkeep bills, this could be via donating money or through donating food, blankets, pillows, wheelchairs and even chew toys. Any and all support you give them will be greatly appreciated and rewarded with licks and love from their adorable residents.