Looking For Budget Textiles? This Place Is The Best In Chennai For Fabric Shopping!

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What Makes It Awesome

If you are on a tight budget and need to acquire a wardrobe within that, then head to Godown Street. Tucked into the NSC Bose Road in Parry’s Corner, Chennai’s (Madras) oldest business district, Godown Street too was actually formed in the 18th century because of its access to the port. From dresses, salwar kameez and sarees to other outfits, you can get them all in Godown Street at prices that are 30-40 percent lesser than the cost of them in the T Nagar counterparts. The apparel is sold at wholesale prices, and are the perfect fit for bargain hunters. 

Once the textile hub for the whole of south India, Godown Street got its name from its original name – God’s Own Street. The shops, mostly owned by Marwaris — the north Indian community of Chennai — have grown in number from a mere 70 to over 500 shops today. The clothing here is even cheaper than the famous Pantheon Road. You could find cotton sarees starting for a mere INR 150, shirts starting from INR 200 and suits ranging from INR 600 (seems a bit dubious so best check the quality before committing.)

While we cannot vouch for the quality of apparel sold here, this is specifically for those looking for a wardrobe on a budget. And if you don’t trust the readymade apparel at Godown Street, worry not! Just buy fabric, which costs a mere INR 80 a metre and get anything stitched. Vendors also do large orders, so don’t forget to take their card when you leave, to place your customised orders online!


Reaching Godown Street in private transport is not a great idea because of the lack of parking options. You could either take a bus to Parry’s Corner, or take the local train to the Fort Station, and walk down to Godown Street. Most stores are closed on Sundays.