Coffee Tables & Dressers Starting INR 3,500 At This Furniture Store On ECR

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What Makes It Awesome

Up your furniture game at Golden Furniture, where priced are cheap AF. We're not exaggerating at all when we say that you can shop for furniture at supremely budget prices.

Furniture at Golden Furniture starts from INR 3,000. We're talking study tables, foldable dressers, laptop tables, chairs, computer and TV units, all priced super affordable. Most of the furniture is made of wood and the durability is good for the amount you pay. If you're looking to buy furniture both for home and office under a budget, Golden Furniture is for you.

We like their brown wooden coffee table with two side drawers priced at INR 3,500. Golden Furniture has a bunch of bookshelves which can fit into small rooms as well. Also, we like the foldable study table, which can be hinged to the wall. Priced at INR 5,000 this store ensures you save space and money! If you can haggle, you can get awesome deals.

How Much Did It Cost

₹500 - ₹1000