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10 Quirky, Eco-Friendly Products We Found At This Cutesy Store, For As Low As INR 80


    Goli Soda’s stores in Bessy and Alwarpet offer some lovely products that will turn you into an eco-trooper, full time! It offers everything from home décor to stationery and personal care products. We found some funky cloth jewellery, bamboo toothbrushes and  Haathi Chaap paper bags and notepads made out of elephant poo!

    Check out their cork yoga mats (biodegradable), tees and pants for workouts, and Rustic Art biodegradable laundry soaps that are made from non-edible oils, lemon, and neem. There’s also bottles of floor and multi-purpose cleaners that are natural. Oh, and ladies, if you’re sick of plasticky sanitary pads and tampons, check out EcoFemme — an Auroville based brand of reusable cloth pads. They come in bright, cheery colours and start at INR 245.

    Goli Soda is run by the same peeps behind Ashvita chain of stores in Chennai. If you can’t make it to their stores you can get their products online. These guys even organise workshops for sustainable practices like organic terrace farming and Sunday markets to showcase fresh and organic products. Don’t miss!