Who Said Ready-To Eat Snacks Aren't Healthy? This Online Store Makes Them All At Home

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What Makes It Awesome

Missing that home food but your mom said to stop with the ready-to-make stuff? Well, we have got the best excuse for you to use. HF Food And Beverages, an online store, makes these ready-to-make snacks! If you are craving some samosas at midnight, no worries. Order from here and fry it whenever you want. They use fresh and homemade ingredients. You can get onion samosas along with chicken and mutton samosas. They also have vadas, cutlets and spring rolls. May it be veg or non-veg, you have all the options to choose from.

HF Food And Beverages store also makes fresh fruit juice concentrates. Just add water and drink it up. They are made directly from fruit pulp! Mango, pineapple, lemonade, lemon ginger, grape, pomegranate and a local favourite, Nanari, they have got all your fave flavours.

Looking for a meal? Boy, they have got those as well. Rice and gravy or biryani, your lunches and dinners are sorted with their homemade dishes. Mutton and chicken, choose your options from gravy or kurma. These are served with idiyappam! They also have fish curry and guess what? While placing the order, they will even give you the options of fishes available and you can go for your favourite. Don't worry they have got vegetarian options of paneer, corn and mushrooms as well. You just have to enquire about the dishes available. 

Did we forget desserts? Well, HF Food And Beverages has brownies and cookies just to hit your sweet tooth. Prices on their menu start at INR 150. 


Some dishes may be subjected to availability so make sure you WhatsApp them or call them to check and pre-order! They will even suggest anything new they are trying out or coming up with that is out of their menu.