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Quirk Alert: Here's Why India Circus Continues To Be Our Go-To Place For All Things Kitschy

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    Selling everything from crockery to travel essentials, the merch at India Circus beautifully reflects Indian flavours. Here's a low down on why we love the store. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    For all those of you who don't know, India Circus is actually a Godrej Venture. Located in Chennai's Palladium Mall, this place is known for its one-of-a-kind home decor products. Every merch has intricate representations of India’s rich wildlife and captures the essence of India.

    Why do we love the store? They sell a variety of porcelain crockery including cups, mugs, and shooters starting INR 370. Their Bone China mug collection is a set of 6 mugs (our fave) and is one of their fast-moving products. They have trays with the olden day India painted on them and are priced at INR 2,199. Their bag collection starting at INR 500 includes sling bags, wallets, clutches, duffel and lunch bags.

    You can also find the quirkiest stationery at India Circus. From vintage cloth diaries to little notepads, each stationery item spins a story about India. Their vintage bowls and platters made of aluminium are artistic and start at INR 1,200. Their magazine and cardholders are super-rich in colours, some having painted flamingos, elephants, and other animals on them and start at INR 499.

    What’s more? They sell these stand-alone figurines that would make amazing gifts starting INR 3,000. India Circus also sells cushions, scented candles, storage boxes, doormats, pot holders, and shower curtains starting INR 399. We loved the vintage Messenger Bag which is practical and reminds us of a simpler time. It looks like one of those bags postmen carried in the 60s. Even if you aren’t a home decor kind of person, check out India Circus to relive olden India and reminisce the Indian emotion.

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