Waterfalls & Mountains: Have You Done The Kodaikanal To Kumbakarai Trek?



From waterfalls to misty mountains, trek your way and explore the trail from Kodaikanal to Kumbakarai. 

What Makes It Awesome

Kodaikanal is a popular destination/hill station and is known for its cold weather and breathtaking views, but have you explored Kumbakarai yet? The trekking trail from Kodai to Kumbakarai is a secret only a few travellers know. One can spot waterfalls, mountains, and gorgeous places along this trek.

The trek usually begins from Dolphin’s Nose in Vattankal. Dolphin's Nose is a peak-shaped rock with incredible views of Kodaikanal and is 2,000 metres deep. The rock is shaped like a Dolphin’s Nose, as you can guess. You can get to Vattankal via train or bus, and it’s an eight-hour drive from the city. The trek ranges anywhere from 4-8 hours and depending on your experience you can choose to go through the rocky trails. If you love waterfalls, don’t forget to check out the Kumbakarai waterfalls either during or after your trek. Once you begin from Dolphin’s Nose, you will cross Vellagavi, a tiny village, perfect for camping out. Also, it’s the perfect rest point if you start trekking from Kumbakarai falls. 

Muddy roads, forests, temples, and flowery trails, you will spot all this during the trek. A downhill stream of water is perfect for a quick swim along the way. Since the water flows from Kodaikanal, it's known for being super clean and tasting fresh! The best time to do this trek is between September and April. You can book a trekking tour with travel agencies, too, but try to explore it yourself! Here are the best homestays you can stay at in Kodaikanal.


Avoid going during the rainy season as the trails get really muddy.