Terracotta Is Back Baby! And We Found An Accessory Label That Will Blow Your Mind With It


    What Makes It Awesome

    Who needs gold when you can make a statement with kickass terracotta. Kria Terracotta Jewellery And Crafts, an online store, is a haven for terracotta accessories. Started by Krithika Jyothi Shankar, this store has been in business for the 6 years. She started off with cool Indo-western designs and moved on to making neck-pieces with some really cool side pendants (pretty cool!)  Today, she not only sells jewellery but charm bracelets, bangles and nose studs, all made with terracotta.

    We found some really cool jhumkis we’d like to rock with that side pendant, as well as some quirky hair clips, that may or may not match (Cause mix n match is the jam). She designs temple jewellery and inculcates western elements in her pieces. The neck-piece with goddess laxmi on each bead was quite alluring, and so were her Lord Ganesha studds.

    Her western jewellery is on point too with the abstract designs and bright colour combinations. She makes earring loops with inca tribal designs etched into the clay. Frankly speaking, her collection of studs is good enough to be supported at any piercing including the belly button. We like that she keeps innovating and adding new designs to her collection. We hope she keeps it fresh always!