Boys, Transition To Your Manhood With Manly Clothing From This Store In Perungudi

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Boys will be boys but it's time to turn it up a notch higher! From breezy t-shirts and sweatshirts to footwear and sunglasses, this store in Perungudi is indeed manly.

What Makes It Awesome

Dear men, we know how much of a pain it can be finding your perfect look of the day with the options you have in hand. But Menly Clothing store in Perungudi has got your back. From breezy t-shirts and shirts to joggers and jeans along with a range of accessories, these guys have it all! Not only do they manufacture their own brands' shirts with checks and stripes in quirky colours but they also sell branded t-shirts from Nike and Adidas! They have funkily patterned boxers as well, starting from INR 100. 

You can also customise your own design t-shirt starting just INR 300! They go on to sell badass PUBG and Avengers merch as well! Menly Clothing also has a range of comfort shoes with dandy designs and colours. Perfect shoes for the perfect matching clothes. You could also turn up the look with watches, sunglasses or bands. From real leather wallets to upcycled wallets, they have got a shining collection of it. Pair up your style with their grunge Adidas bag and you will be glowing, my boy.