Team Building Or Outing With Squad? You Need To Check Out These Paintball Arenas In Chennai

Arun posted on 08 January

If you had asked us to name even one paintball spot a couple of years ago in Chennai, we’d have twiddled our thumbs, but the recent years have seen a few cropping up. Price wise the facilities listed below are around the INR 400/person mark. So without further ado here are four places we recommend you shoot your friends or boss at (with paintballs of course).

Wild Tribe Ranch

This adventure junkie’s destination down East Coast Road has paintball and a lot more. The paintball arena has obstacles made from tires and is suitable for around 12-14 players. Each player gets 40 pellets with their standard paintball gun, so be efficient with your ammo, you don’t want to run out of pellets mid-way. In addition to paintball, Wild Tribe Ranch has a host of other activities for you and the squad (hint, there’s bungee jumping and zip lining!), for more info on their other services check out our recommendation on them here.

Take Diversion

The only indoor paintball facility on this list, Take Diversion paintball arena (named Re-Load) is war zone themed, and features props and debris like chipped brick walls and used oil barrels for cover, so make sure you use them for maximum shielding. Unlike the other arenas, Re-Load tries to go a step above and includes accessories like individual colour coded markers for players and dedicated role assignments. That added layer of strategy makes this one of our favourite spots to play paintball. Take Diversion has other activities too, like remote controlled car racing and self-defence classes.

Sports Venues

113/4, 200 Feet Road, Tiruthani Nagar, Old Pallavaram, Chennai

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Off Road Sports

Another outdoor entertainment hub, Off Road Sports has the cheapest paintball rates on the list at INR 350 per person. Slightly different from the themes of the previous two locations, Off Road Sports uses inflated plastic barricades as cover in their outdoor paintball arena. As with all paintball arenas in Chennai, safety gear is provided along with a paintball gun and in this case 40 pellets worth of ammunition.


168/3-D, East Cost Road, Pattipulam, Tamil Nadu

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Planet Adventure Paintball

The only pure paintball arena is also the closest to the centre of the city. Located along the Thiruvanmaiyur beach next to Bella Ciao, Planet Adventure has the best value for money among the four arenas, with a round of 50 pellets costing you INR 400. While the arena is small, there’s lots of cover in the form of tires, to make use of.


Community Groups

8, Shri Krishna Enclave, Near Bella Ciao, Kottivakkam Beach, Perumal Nagar, Chennai

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