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Singapore’s Popular Ice Cream Sandwiches in Namma Chennai!! Say What?!

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Singapore Icecream Sandwich - a new entrant in the dessert market, is giving Chennaites a taste of one of Singapore’s traditional ice cream sandwiches and we’re loving it!

What Makes It Awesome

Brace yourselves Chennaites! There’s a new dessert place in town and we predict it’s here to stay. Located right inside Airborne in Nungambakkam, Singapore Icecream Sandwich offers as the name suggests, ice cream sandwiches. But these are not your regular ice cream sandwiches where you get a slab of ice cream slathered between two biscuits.

Typically, freshly baked, pandan flavored (smells like vanilla) bread in beautiful shades of pink and green hold the creamy ice creams together and are a popular street food delicacy in Singapore. And in Chennai’s Singapore Icecream Sandwich’s case, you would find the same traditional breads, baked in their own kitchen paired with drool-worthy ice cream flavours like Hazelnut Delight, Praline Crunch, Truffle Sensation, Oreo Crumble, Rocky Road, Kitkat Break to name a few.

Our personal favourites was the Lotus Love that comes with rich vanilla ice cream, salted caramel and crushed lotus biscuits. If you’re into white chocolate and strawberry, we suggest you try their Rainbow Treat and Strawberry Temptation. Priced at only INR 99, you can totally devour these frozen delights without having to worry about the price.

Singapore Icecream Sandwich also allows you to make your own ICS (Ice cream sandwich), where you choose from about five ice cream flavours (mango, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and butterscotch) and pair them with toppings like nutella, white chocolate ganache, salted caramel, brownie crumbs, chocolate chips, lotus biscuits, oreo and more. Drooling already aren’t you?

There’s more. Singapore Icecream Sandwich also has delicious pastries, brownies, puddings, trifles and shakes on their menu. We totally loved their china grass pudding and cakesickles. But if you’re in the mood to experiment, we suggest you try their Bandung, which is rose milk with a twist.


The place is open till 2 am, so you can definitely head there if you're craving for some midnight dessert.