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Indulge In Your Favourite Cakes Without Worrying About The Calories With This List Of Top Healthy Cakes In Chennai

Craving cake but don’t want to fall off your healthy eating wagon? Guess what? You totally can do that with this list of top healthy cakes in Chennai.

With all cakes made without any refined sugar, All Things Baked takes up eating healthy a notch higher with its protein cakes, gluten-free, dairy-free cakes. Their triple chocolate millet cake is particularly rad because of its rich chocolate flavour and spongy texture. 

From wheat based cakes to low-calorie frosting and also including nuts and dried fruits in their batter, Healthy Bakes offers a low-calorie and tasty alternative to regular desserts. Their Carrot Walnut Mug Cakes, Chocolate Millet and Banana Blast cakes are a must-try.

A passionate pastry chef, Sarmishta Baliga offers delectable yet healthy cakes on her menu. From keto and dairy-free options to protein cakes, you can get it all here.

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