We Heart This Body-Positive, Gender-Neutral TN-Based Underwear Company


Looking for soft, comfy, anti-microbial underwear that lets your skin breathe? Check out Tailor & Circus, a brand that believes in sustainability and keeping it real.

What Makes It Awesome

What caught our eye was that this brand had models that looked just like us. Who else is tired of muscular, toned bodies with flawless skin sporting underwear on billboards and television? Ugh, enough already. These guys have real people, cellulite, stretch-marks and all (like us, ya’ll), sporting their comfy, cool designs and we love them for it. Also, ladies, aren’t you sick of brands objectifying our underwear and making it more about being sexy and lacey and uncomfortable as hell? Not that we don’t like lingerie, but most of the time we’d prefer casual undies any day. So, don’t worry about that here. Because comfort comes first. For women you can choose between bikini, highwaist-briefs and boyshorts and men can pick from briefs, trunks, boxer-briefs, and boxers. And since they’re gender-neutral all their underwear comes in a variety of both classic and fun prints too – like nature and floral themed patterns, for example. They’re also available in neutral solids and simple patterns like dots and stripes (called the Bossy Pants range) and bright colours (check out their Circus range), so toss over those granny-panties and get stylish underwear that’s oh-so-soft too!

Their underwear is made from a super sustainable imported fiber extracted from the beechwood tree. These products are made using 94 percent Grade-A Lenzing MicroModal infused with 6 percent Elastane which is said to be three times softer than cotton. And they also have an anti-microbial finish that lasts a minimum of 33 washes. So now you get to buy underwear that doesn’t compromise on style or comfort!

Price: Between INR 350 and INR 700.