With Its Decadent Munchies, This Label Is Making The Case For 'Healthy Can Be Tasty Too'!


The Lean Bean, a snacking label, is that blessing you've been waiting for to make your journey towards fitness a tasty and delightful one! 

What Makes It Awesome

Run by nutritionist Priya Ratnakumar, The Lean Bean has made quite a name for itself. Started to help people enjoy their journey towards fitness by offering some nutritious and delicious munchies along the way, this snacking label is a total winner! Made without any preservatives and refined sugar, the snacking options here include granola, protein shakes, energy bars and more. 

Their granola, in particular, is a total hit among the customers. Freshly-packed, gluten-free bites, these can make for a perfect pre-workout meal. You can also mix them with The Lean Bean's artisanal greek yoghurt that comes in flavours like banana, spiced vanilla, mango and strawberry for a creamy indulgence. Prices for these start from INR 60. Their breakfast range also includes thick and rich almond and peanut butter. 

If you're more of a protein shake person, The Lean Bean has some ambrosial options like Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Peanut Butter. You can also order candied nuts that include honey roasted almonds, pecans and walnuts. But our favorite is their dessert menu with their Flourless Chickpea Brownie totally stealing our heart. Priced at INR 320 for 4 pieces, this one is sure to send you into a food coma. The best part - it's also eggless. They also offer banana bread, almond brookies, blondies. They even have an Alcove cake that is made with only almonds, olive oil and cocoa and we can't wait to try it! 



You have to pre-order everything. They also run weekly meal menus occasionally, where you can order from healthy versions of dishes like burgers, momos, rice bowls and more. The Lean Bean also does pop-ups, so be sure to keep track of those.