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Check Out These Haunted Places In Chennai For Those Chills!

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Chennai’s summers aren’t the only things that scare us. Have you ever walked down Besant Avenue past midnight with an empty road ahead, the Theosophical society on both sides and a few street lights? It can get really eerie. To make it 10x scarier, we've put together a roundup of the scariest places in Chennai which are rumoured to be haunted! Do you dare check it out?

3rd Seaward Road

Most horror stories stem from a certain truth, right? Legend has it that the owner of a now rundown house in Valmiki Nagar had a daughter who died more than a decade ago and there have been no occupants at the house since. There have been rumours of strange noises of screaming and sobbing late night at the house. This could just be another prank, but there’s really only one way to find out!

Karikattu Kuppam

This scenic stretch right before MGM Dizzee World in Muttukadu used to be bustling with joy and life before the Tsunami struck in 2004. Like most parts along the coast, it destroyed the fishing village into what remains today and has since been considered to be haunted by those that lost their lives in the disaster. Sightings of an old man and a young kid are very common amongst other apparitions apparently. This place has also been used for shooting many Tamil horror and thriller films. Exciting or scary? 

Madras Christian College

What happened at one of the most popular colleges in the city? A student at Madras Christian College committed suicide at Heber’s Hall after being rejected by his lover. How tragic! There have been rumours of taps being left open, strange laughter and furniture moving on its own since then. It may sound straight out of a movie, but could you be daring enough to prove the ghost's non-existence? 

Broken Bridge

Remember the scene from Aaytha Ezhuthu when Madhavan and Suriya have a face-off at a Broken Bridge? Well, that place exists and is right here in Besant Nagar. Built initially to help fishermen connect to the sea near the Adyar river, it broke down many decades ago due to heavy rainfall. Believed to be reeking with paranormal activity and a number of deaths at the spot has made it one of the eeriest places in Chennai! Unfortunately, for the above reasons, the broken bridge has been closed to visitors for a few years now.

Wipro Technologies

Imagine building something over a graveyard… creepy right? Well, that’s exactly the case with Wipro Technologies on ECR. There have been several questions as to why this building would be haunted as it's always bustling with activity during the mornings, but we hear the staff and security at Wipro claim to have seen strange figures walking around at night. It couldn't hurt to check it out for assurance (only if you have that much courage because we don't, nu-uh). 

De Monte Colony

De Monte, a Portuguese businessman, owned and built the stretch of buildings here in Alwarpet. The story goes that his wife was mentally ill while his son died under mysterious circumstances. At night, you will mostly never see anyone around in the area as there have been instances of reported disappearances of security guards in the past. There were some talks of development at this place, but nothing has happened since! This place in Chennai has become so popular that it has inspired a Tamil film called Demonte Colony, following the same storyline.

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