This Popular Chennai Café Is Raising Awareness About Dyslexia Through Their Menu!

    Gopala Puram, Chennai

    Sure, we’ve been to Writer’s Café plenty of times before. Not only do we love their cakes, free Wi-Fi and library feels { read more here} we also love their initiative to hire women who are victims of attack or burn-survivors, training them thoroughly for three months, before they begin service.

    What’s new this month? They’ve introduced their regular menu, with a twist! Letters have been rearranged to showcase what life is like through the eyes of a dyslexic person as Writer’s Café has teamed up with the Madras Dyslexia Association to raise awareness on this condition. So expect to order all kinds of “Vejetarien” and “Non-Vejetarien” dishes. We love the thought put into this and oh, they’ll also have specialists every day { available only for a couple of hours though} who can educate customers on the subject as well. We heart this so much!

    Find them on Facebook here.

      Gopala Puram, Chennai