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Check Out The Oh So Delicious Andhra Delicacies At This Outlet!

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This is not the first time that I am eating Andhra cuisine but it was the best time ever particularly this year.

Subhodayam is a Multicuisine Restaurant which mainly aims at Andhra Thali Meals for Lunch & Non-Veg orders from à la carte.

The unlimited traditional Andhra Bojanam Thali consisted of many too cute katories which contained Sambar, Rasam, Tomato Pappu, Venkaya Bangal Dumpa Curry, Surakai Pachadi, Dondakaya Kobbari Fry, Bendakaya Fry, Curd, White Rice, Carrot Halwa.

Rice : I liked the word unlimited and I had access to hot, tenderly cooked, wonderful pearls of palate.

Other Condiments : Famous Andhra amazing Paruppu Podi with golden ghee & also spicy pickle.

Sambar : The classic curry which was made up of perfectly cooked dal with a lovely mix of broiled vegetables that was really hot and tempting.

Rasam : Though I am not a big fan of Rasam and there are plenty of varieties that are available, the simplicity of this type of Rasam served was truly delectable.

Tomato Pappu : The excitement for talking about this being one of my favourite recipe, especially when it’s flawlessly made with dal in a bold and spicy flavourable concoction makes it so motivating to eat.

Venkaya Bangal Dumpa Curry : I am a big fan of this dish and took me by surprise when I ate it with so much expectations that got fulfilled.

Surakai Pachadi : The Andhra Style Bottle Gourd Chutney was a simple, spicy chutney made from bottle gourd that went well with the Dal Rice & worth mentioning.

Dondakaya Kobbari Fry : Extremely tasty & too delicious for words, deeply roasted wonderful stir Ivy Gourd fry that is simple yet elegant to serve as part of this special thali meal.

Bendakaya Fry : This amazing tempered, sauteed dry dish that was made with okra, onions and spices was simple yet had the sensation of a homely recipe made in Andhra style.

Special Signature Curd : I was almost confused whether it was ice cream from heaven as it was nearly so flavorsome and when asked about it ‘s creamy origins, this curd was specially fermented from Gir Cow ‘s Milk, under the care of their own organic farm.

Carrot Halwa : I am addicted to indian sweets no matter what and the combination of carrots, milk which they made in a sweet blend is all that I needed to finish this meal.

Signature Andhra Special : Guntur Chilli Chicken : True to it s name & it spelt spice, extremely tasty with absolutely no leftovers from me.

Signature Andhra Special : West Godavari R. R. Chicken : Attractive starter type snack which caught me off guard because of it’s true style in sensitivity & display.

Signature Andhra Special : Mutton Biriyani with Raitha, Guntur Kodi Vepudu Biriyani with Raitha. I am a big biriyani lover, these biriyani dishes was tremendously scrumptious & the meat was so tenderly cooked that actually melts in the mouth.

Signature Andhra Special : Jeedi Pappu Paneer Pakodi : Striking cheese ball starter type snack which was so delicious by itself because of its pebbled display.

Signature Andhra Special : Multani paneer (Tandoori Style) : The clear winner of the day, absolutely limitless taste, unimaginably soft because the paneer was maybe in-house made and so rich cut huge pieces altogether, so much flavoured, whipped up with brilliantly cooked spices, it was actually so filling, I wanted more but then I thought I should not be so partial to this one fine signature recipe.

Chef s Delight: Chef Giridharan sir spent most of his valuable time Inspite of his busy schedule to guide me throughout so I knew what I was eating & experiencing with his own interesting tales to keep me entertained.

Service : The food was so appetizing as the smiling faces of the waiters who patiently waited for every order, every scoop, every clearing made the meal experience a complete triumph. I actually liked the cutlery which was so differently done in black, gave the recipes a glow.

Ambience : Dimly lit, cosy, five star interiors which made the space so welcoming for beautiful moments to unfold. The pleasant food matched the stunning interiors in taste.

After Math : I have to mention the fact that the food had no preservatives, added flavours, or any other additives because exactly 3 hours after my lunch meal, I felt very hungry and my stomach felt fine.

Insider Tip: Do visit if you want to set your taste buds to happiness!