Podi Ghee To Cheesy: Best Maggi Dishes To Try In Chennai

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We all love our hot bowl of steaming Maggi and hey, Chennai’s sultry weather can’t stop us! But are you adventurous enough to try its many avatars? How about cheesy? Andhra podi with ghee? Gooey and meaty? And even (gasp) chocolate? Here’s a list of the best Maggi dishes in Chennai. 

Maggevala Curly Cravings

No surprises here. One of the most popular places in Chennai to offer over 30 versions of Maggi, this joint has it all! With multiple outlets across Chennai, you can try everything from Lemon Butter and Butter Masala to Schezwan and Paneer & Peas, if a regular bowl just won’t do!

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Double Roti

If you don’t mind spending some extra cash on Maggi, try this version for INR 225 — The Hoggers Maggi. It comes with sausages, bacon, caramelised onions and cheese. Oh yeah! There’s also Punjabi Maggi with tandoori chicken tikka and cheese and good old Himalayan Maggi with lettuce, coriander, green chilli and onion. Oh and they even have 8 kinds of fries you can pair it with!

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Chai Kings

Is there anything more perfect than a combo of hot chai and a steaming bowl of Maggi? Get both from Chai Kings — they have plenty of outlets in the city and you can choose from Chilli Cheese Maggi to Tandoori Maggi and pair it with your favourite tea. We recommend getting a flask of milky ginger chai. Bliss!

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Chai Galli

This restaurant in Bessy is winning for its quirky Bollywood vibes. Apart from that, they do serve bowls of our favourite comfort food. There’s the fancy Angrezi Maggi with sun-dried tomatoes, broccoli, mushroom and bell peppers and Tadke-Waali Maggi with fried onion, tomato and garlic.

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Soul Garden Bistro

A popular restaurant for veggie lovers, did you know they have some crazy Maggi combinations? Care to try Maggi with Andhra podi and ghee? How about Maggi with ghonkura paste? Biryani masala and veggies? There’s even one with a South Indian spicy and tangy twist — using vathal kuzhambu. This is place is where you go to get a bowl of Maggi with unusual flavourful kicks! 

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Café Central

Café Central’s menu is serving some yummy Maggi combinations. Try the Tandoori Maggi Delight with paneer, chicken tikka topped with creamy cheese or if you want it meatier, go for the Sausage Party (don’t laugh now!). Tomato, basil and chicken sausages — sounds delish!

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This Anna Nagar eatery is, in fact, among the first few to offer some crazy Maggi combinations. Blasphemous or adventurous - it’s definitely different. They have versions like the more tame Sweet Corn Maggi Soup & Indian Bhel to the wacky Dry Fruit Chocolate Maggi and Ferrero Maggi. You can also get pizzas with Maggi toppings. Which one will you try?

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