Head To The Royapuram Fishing Harbour For Fresh Seafood & Stunning Photos

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What Makes It Awesome

Royapuram is not only famously known for the very first Railway Station down south but also for its fresh catch! It doesn’t matter whether you’re from Chennai or not, if seafood is bae then this is the place to be as you can spot chunky crustaceans and an array of silvery fish piled up in heaps (there’s also mussels and snails!).

It is said that the best catch can be available as early as 2 am. In fact, Kasimedu Fish Market (same place as the harbour) is so famous that it even has its very own Auction House that experiences a footfall of nearly 30,000 every day as the freshest catch is auctioned off to neighbouring states! What Royapuram also has is a Fishing Boat Manufacturing Unit where you can watch giant boats being built. Whoa!

Life around the Royapuram Fishing Harbour runs only on three things, fish, fish, and more fish! So whether you want to buy fresh seafood from the many fish sellers (fear not, the locals are very friendly) at the harbour or capture some amazing pictures of the harbour in all its early morning glory, head out to the Royapuram Fishing Harbour just before dawn for an exhilarating experience of life along the coast and don’t forget to take your camera and a shopping bag along.

So, catch a glimpse of fishermen at Royapuram at work and spend the day (get here in the wee hours of the morning) to capture stunning views of the dock and to experience the bustling lives of the community.