Jacuzzi, Tents & BBQ - Gather Your Squad In This Beach Villa On ECR For A Fiesta


    Planning a bachelorette party or a birthday? Perhaps a farewell?  We found a lovely beachside villa on ECR for any of your occasions. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    Surprises come the best when it's planned and with the people you love the most. For your next party, what location could be better than by the beach? B's Hive - Kadal is a serene villa bang opposite to the ECR beach. The white villa is one of a kind with an A/C dorm that can accommodate more than 10 people. Their outdoor verandah is vast and is filled with cane seating and plenty of hammocks which are perfect for stargazing at night!

    Be it sipping beer with a view, indulging in fun activities or relaxing, B's Hive - Kadal has got you covered.  While the place lights up in the night with all the fairy lights and bonfire arrangements, music enthusiasts, don't forget to catch up on some jam sessions with the in-house guitar, available to all. You could make use of the projector on the compound wall for a movie time as well!

    B's Hive - Kadal has open showers and jacuzzi too. What better way to unwind your muscles! You can have BBQ facilities along with it to let loose with some extra cash. For a 24 hour package, it would cost you INR 1300 per head but if you want food to be provided then you could take it for INR 2000 per head as well. They have a day, night as well as an evening package starting at INR 1000. 


    There are no TVs or too many modern facilities at this crib but you could request for tents by the zen gardens if you want a mini camping setup adding to the beach house vibes. 
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