Guess Who's Back With 16 Kinds Of Guilt-Free Burgers In Besant Nagar?

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BurgerMan’s Back! From burger-serving kiosks across cities to now a fully revamped restaurant in Besant Nagar, dig into an assortment {16 kinds} of burgers. They’ve even got salads, starters, shakes and more.

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What Makes It Awesome

Remember that little kiosk on Cathedral Road {opposite Stella Maris College} where we’d find our favourite food superhero who quickly whipped up super affordable Mexican, BBQ and Indian flavoured burgers?  The famous Steekers {sausages on a stick, drizzled with different kinds of sauces} was our go-to comfort food as college students {for just INR 25, guys}. When we heard they were shutting shop few years ago, we were distraught but since a couple of months BurgerMan’s come back… with a bang!
From the yellow, black and white colour palette, paper bags with the printed logo covering light bulbs to the writing on the wall {“Mind your head, no one likes a crack!” and an illustrated history of the BurgerMan franchise}, the two-floored restaurant has a very young and fresh vibe.
Start with appetisers like Grilled Hash Browns, which were delicious and the Grilled Sausage Steekers {ah, memories} There’s also salads like the BBQ Cottage Cheese salad and soft serves like the Ice Filter Coffee softie and Caramel Popcorn softie. There’s even Bourbon Ale Iced Tea that has a strong flavour of whiskey {without the alcohol, so it’s quite family-friendly}.
They’ve kept old favourites in terms of the burgers, but they also have Butter Chicken, Bourbon Lamb, Chicken Boom {with crunchy nachos inside} and Paneer Makhni, Mexican Bean and Cheese Boom. You can double the fun by ordering an extra patty and add toppings like cheese, a flipped egg and even a mini salad. The buns are high in fibre, there’s fresh lettuce, onions, jalapenos, tomatoes and pickles, the patties are grilled and not fried. That means no French fries here folks! But you can always dig into the grilled hash browns. Because BurgerMan 2.0 is the hero Chennai deserves and probably the one it needs right now.