BurgerMan In Besant Nagar Is A Paradise For Peeps Who Love To Munch On Quick Bites

1880 Interested |

What Makes It Awesome

I and my friends went to BurgerMan in Besant Nagar for a birthday celebration. I chose butter chicken and naan {Delhi people thing} and their crowd favourite beverage - fizzed pink lemonade as my dinner.

What Could Be Better?

Their sausages are really juicy and their choco drink is also great. The ambience is just amazing. It's both an indoor and outdoor restaurant and very simply elegant place. Well not that good for a date since it tends to be noisy thanks to the crowd, but singles can definitely find this place to be amazing!

What's My Pro Tip?

It's located near Besant Nagar beach but those who are coming from far can book a cab.

Anything Else?

They don't have fries because it's an oil-free kitchen. So those who love to eat junk food but don't want oily things has all the reasons to visit BurgerMan.