This Homegrown Company Is Giving A Whole New Meaning To Chakki Fresh Atta!

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TWF Flours

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What Makes It Awesome

While many ready-to-use flour brands claim to offer 'chakki fresh atta',  it's no surprise that it's often months old. In that, TWF, an online flour company, seems to be standing out with its ground-to-order wheat flour, which they claim is also unprocessed and unbleached. What we love about them is that they've curated flour options based on people's flavour preferences while also keeping the gluten content low. Like for the ones who love their rotis soft with a tinge of sweetness, they can opt for their Highland wheat flour. But if you're more concerned about your gut health and keeping your gluten consumption to a minimum, TWF's Reliq range might be the one you want to pick up! 

They've got Flour X too specially to help bakers who are looking for healthier alternatives to maida. We're planning on trying their Indie Wheat flour for rotis! Prices start from INR 298 for 1.8 kgs (comes as two packages weighing 907 grams each). 


If you've made up your mind about sticking low-gluten wheat flour for your daily use, you can get their trial pack that comes with all of their wheat flour varieties for INR 999. You can check them all out on LBB Shop!