Add Some Quirk To Your Walls With This Awesome Metal Art Store

What Makes It Awesome

Metal may often be looked at as rugged, but it can also help shape the most artistic accessories. This label seems to be making us believe that. Clean Slate, an online store, started by Kirthana Kumar, is making a statement with its intricately designed metal art. Suited for both indoor and outdoor spaces, this label offers some beautiful contemporary pieces that are great for sprucing up your den or giving as gifts. 

Starting from about INR 1300, we found some fascinating elements used in the metal art here. The fluid version of 'tree of life' and the 'home' typography designs are our fave. If you're a Buddha fan or love animal designs, Clean Slate has metal art carved in the shape of a whale, cat, birds, starfish, bees and more. Most of these weigh under 5 kg and can be hung on a wall. But its the quirky edge the designs here offer that we love the most. Their 'Hipster deer' metal art which features a deer wearing sunglasses and a bow is our fave pick. We even found their Moon phases metal art to be quite interesting, and you can use it in your patio or balcony.  

The sizes of these pieces range from 7 inches in height to 17 inches. The colour used is jet black, but you can customise the metal art for colour, size as well as design. You just have to reach out to Clean Slate online with your specifications, and they shall let you know what can be done. The shipping is free. 


They deliver with 7-14 days, but you can also opt for express delivery.