Cuddle With Bae And Spot The Fifty Shades Of Sunset From This Cottage In The Hills Of Yercaud

Fernhill Cottage

What Makes It Awesome

Our never-ending love for Victorian homestays has reignited with Fernhill Cottage. Located amidst a garden on wild ferns on a hillock in Yercaud, Fernhill Cottage derives its name from there. This cottage was built in the early 20th century to mirror old-school Victorian architecture in Yercaud, and boy, they’ve done a great job at that!

The house is spacious and can accommodate six people. The patio is by a valley of silver oaks and coffee plantations, so you actually can wake up and smell the coffee! There are two bedrooms and a total of six beds and two baths. Walk out the door, and there is a rock and a floral garden at your doorstep. There’s a place for barbecue in case you want to fire up the grill, and this is a no-plastic zone.

The room is priced at about INR 5,500, which comes up to around INR 920 per person, which is pretty affordable. And oh! The sunset from Fernhill Cottage is nothing short of gorgeous; the whirlwind of colours are absolutely worth it! Get ready to hammock it up with bae and warn your gang about the Insta spam that’s to come (just kidding, surprise them).  


No WiFi peeps, try not to Black Mirror your way into this experience and enjoy the views. 

Fernhill Cottage