Glam Up Your Casa With This Home Decor And Accessories Store In Alwarpet


    This furnishing store in Alwarpet is your single window if you want to glam up your casa with some fun and elegant decor and furniture.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Glamorama Furnishings in Alwarpet is a porthole into a whole universe of decor. They offer a large and well picked out selection of furnishings to spice up or redecorate your space. They also offer consultation services where they help you pick each and every element that will complement your den. They provide the perfect recommendations to get over weirdly angular walls and singled out corners too.

    They offer designer curtains, blinds, linen, wall coverings and upholstery. Their simple boho curtain designs and their modern upholstery designs were what caught our eye. We loved their chair covers too. Glamorama Designer Furnishings also offer consultation for smaller spaces, so all you roomies can have your favorite elements merged together in your room while having it look absolutely chic.

    If you are a sucker for floor decor, take a look at their patterned rugs and carpets and try not to drool in awe. We loved their light blue and white zentangles and their fancy natural patterns too. They also keep minimalist boho rugs with bold colors and fluffy textured rugs and dhurries. While you are there, check out Glamorama Designer Furnishings collection of bed linen too. They have a colossal collection of throw pillows and cushion covers that we blew our minds over.

    What Could Be Better

    They are quite pricey.


    Visit the store with an idea of how you'd like to decorate your room and then work with them to match the elements that fit your taste.