Oils, Spices And Honey - This Store In Saligramam Sells All Things Organic

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What Makes It Awesome

There is never enough honey in the market that comes with no preservatives. Starting with a run for hunting for honey in the wild came Little Bee store in Saligramam that offers natural products, all grown organically and obtained from forests. They sell gourmet oils, herbs, honey and beauty products. But It is their honey that steals most of the limelight. You can buy pure honey starting at INR 600. They even have honey obtained from stingless bees! They even sell royal bee jelly mixed with Korean Gingseng roots and boy, does it work wonders for your skin! You can buy it at INR 800.

Little Bee obtains and sells a lot of powered herbs and flowers too from the wild that you can buy at their store. From powdered tulsi to henna leaf and jamun seed, you will get powdered as well as dried versions of these. They have dried hibiscus flowers as well! Did you know, you can eat beehive? Nothing is impossible, and if you are willing to try, then these guys sell edible beehive at INR 800. You can take out your own honey from it too. Cold-pressed oils such as castor oil along with spices such as masala tea, garlic, cinnamon and Kashmiri saffron can be brought from here as well.

Who would have thought our beauty routine could switch to essentials from the wild? Little Bee offers beauty products for skincare, haircare as well as bathing products that have been extracted from nature. Orange peel powder, neem powder, henna along with hibiscus oil extract, saffron oil, curry leaf oil and argan oils can be found here. You can buy a pack of Multani mithi at INR 150. You can go for sandalwood sticks, and if that's too much work, then you can go for sandal powder to mix with your homemade face packs. These certainly work like magic!


You can buy their honey, cold-pressed oils as well as spices in bulk with prices starting at INR 3000 per kg.