Get Your 5 PM Snacking Sorted At This Eatery In Triplicane

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What Makes It Awesome

Mak n Bajji is a small eatery on the ever-busy Nalla Thambi Street that serves homemade snacks, sweets and beverages like tea and coffee. Their huge variety of bajjis accompanied by a cup of strong Kumbakonam degree coffee or tea is what lured us into this shop. What's so awesome? They have almost 15 varieties of bajjis ranging from vazhakka bajji (plantain fritters), onion bajji, potato bajji and chilli bajji to vazhaipoo vadai (plantain flower fritters), javvarisi vadai  (sago fritters), Mysore bonda, and vegetable bonda.

They also have spicy and sweet kolukattai (steamed rice flour dumplings), sundal (stir-fried chickpeas) and paniyaram  (steamed rice flour batter). Mak n Bajji also serves chaat at the shop, but you have to make sure you get here early as all their snacks sell out super fast. Their elaneer payasam is said to be very famous among regular customers, so you might want to check that out.

Their murrukus are homemade with groundnut oil and all their snacks are garlic-free. They don’t use ajinomoto or artificial food colouring. They have traditional butter murrukus, thattai (nippat), garlic thattai, South Indian mixture, om podi (fine sev), karaboondhi, manoharam (sweetened rice puff laddoos) and even Tirunelvelli manoharam. Mak n Bajji's sweets menu consists of mysore pak, laddoo, seer badusha, soan papdi and rava laddoo, among others. All of these are made only on order. You can order murrukus and sweets online which will reach you in a day’s time within Chennai. For bulk quantities, make sure you place your order three days in advance. Oh! Happy munching!