Traditional With A Contemporary Touch: You've Got To Check Out This Saree Label

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What Makes It Awesome

Margazhi Designs creates and sells sarees traditionally woven sarees that celebrate colour and tradition while also featuring fresh elements in the form of patchwork, attached borders and pallus. It is all about timeless fashion, that evolves yet is rooted deep into its history. The result - you get sarees that are simple yet elegant to wear for all your special occasions.

Margazhi Designs work with many otherwise familiar weaves to create something unlikely to be found off the shelves. Special collections in the past have included plain mangalagiri cottons with cheerful printed blouses (block prints like bagh, dabu, etc.), light and pastel florals, and plain tussars with rich, motif-filled raw silk blouses, Chinnalapattus in dark, velvety tones and more. With inspiration from domestic goddesses, they have a patchwork collection which comes with comfy looking blouses. Our catch is their kalamkari-bordered, mustard and red colour saree paired up with a back-tie blouse priced at about INR 4000.

If you are looking for khadi collections, then Margazhi Designs has an extensive collection with an added extravaganza of simplicity. The dyes used are completely natural as well. You can buy them starting INR 6000. Their creations are usually teamed with interesting accessories (they often collaborate with other jewellery and accessories brands) which are not only a visual treat but also a great guide for styling your purchases.