This Japanese Brand's Aesthetic Merch Calls For Some Retail Therapy!

Velachery, Chennai


Flourishing and taking the entire country by storm, Miniso is probably one of our favourite home decor and accessory stores in Chennai as well.

What Makes It Awesome

Do you remember when the first of the anime that we used to watch or the pastel colours we always needed? Now it is so much easier to buy them thanks to Miniso. From home decor and cutlery to stationary to even cosmetic, you can really buy anything at a steal price. The store which is located across 3 locations in Chennai houses some really amazing products. 

This one-step-shop has stylish and affordable products from lifestyle, kitchenware and electronic appliances to skincare, stationery and office supplies. The best part, the merch starts from INR 150 onwards. We totally love their handbag section that looks stylish, are budget-friendly and super durable. Miniso backpacks are priced from ₹1,000 and come with several compartments. you should check out the colours! The tiny kitty and pineapple doodles just add to the adorable pastels of the wallets.

Pouches with tassels is another favourite that will look chic for a casual evening. Next up is Miniso's home decor collection. you will find panda pillows, kitty lamps and stainless steal wind chimes. Their neck pillows are the best - they come in cute cat and bear faces and are your best friend for red-eye flights. Their funky cactus toy makes for a great back massager( it actually is a massager)! Along with that, they have crockeries which have a perfect matte finish. Plates, bowls, spoons and water bottles, it is the haven for the love of minimal.

All the artists in the house, take note of Miniso as they have a lot of stationery items- from paints, paper, stencils, etc. You could try out their white and invisible markers! We spent almost an hour trying them all out. While yo8u are checking out, don't forget to take a look at their skincare products. Lotions, serums and even BB creams, they have got some soothing products. Our favourite is the inflatable face masks. Put them in serum or milk and open it up to put up the sheet mask on your face. HOW COOL!


Their store is massive so browse through it with a lot of patience. 

Velachery, Chennai