Need A Last-Minute Dress or Blouse Stitched? These One-Hour Tailors Are Happy To Help

    T.Nagar, Chennai

    What Makes It Awesome

    Last-minute shopping got you hunting for a tailor? Fret not! Simply head down to Golden Plaza in Ranganathan Street, T Nagar, where a slew of ‘one-hour’ tailors will make sure you have an outfit ready in time! Yes, you read that right. As soon as you enter the place, you will find many boards that read "one-hour" tailors that you can choose from.

    The basement of the complex is filled with ‘one-hour’ tailors who can stitch your outfit within a few hours. The average cost for stitching a blouse is just around ÍNR 250 at Golden Plaza but gets more expensive depending on the customisation requests you have. Some tailors are also open to bargaining if you give them two or more pieces to stitch. Pretty cool, eh? 

    The Golden Plaza tailors also stitch salwars and skirts, so if you’ve purchased a semi-stitched suit, you can get it cut and stitched to your size in no time. All you have to do is drop your fabric with the tailor, get measured (or give a sample), and take in the sights of T Nagar for a few hours and voila! Your new blouse or skirt or salwar is ready.

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    The general rule of thumb here is to not give these tailors anything that’s super expensive. While they are all uniformly good with basic designs, if you have something extra creative in mind, you might not get the result that you might be expecting. Sometimes the finishing is also a bit rough, so you might find a slightly crooked hemline, but that’s only if you’re really looking at the stitching with a microscope.
      T.Nagar, Chennai