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How Pawsome! You Can Now Do Yoga With Puppies In Chennai!

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What Makes It Awesome

A weekend where you can chill with your BFF,  breathe easy in your comfiest clothes, surrounded by love-hungry and occasionally notorious pups - nearly 15 of them, sound like a dream? Guess what? You can. A fairly novel concept, you can now do yoga and meditate with pups who need your love and come back rejuvenated, thanks to Pawga. 

You have Subhashree Madhavan, Sinduja Krishnakumar, and Swathi Renugopal, three true-blue Chennaiites to thank for this. Seeing how there was a dire need to help rescued babies in need of social interactions to help deal with the change of environment and also battle depression, these three boss ladies started Pawga, a recreational concept that promotes animal welfare and adoption through paid yoga sessions. A weekend-only initiative, it took three solid years of research and experimentation to launch this in Chennai, says Madhavan. 

Happening every alternate Sunday (currently) at different venues (as curated by the team) since December 2020, Pawga lets you indulge in a one-hour guided yoga session with pups all around you. It's a group-based activity where you can just be yourself and chill with these cute babies looking for a home. Pawga does this in association with Blue Cross Of India that's involved in rescue operations, creating a healthy environment for those pups to interact with humans on a weekly basis. Post-session, if you feel like you want to adopt any of these furry little creatures that less than two months old, Pawga can facilitate that for you. How so very amazing, eh? 

And if you can't adopt, it's no big deal. The money you pay for the tickets goes towards nurturing these four-legged babies till they find a home, so you'll still be contributing towards something good. Tickets are priced at INR 1199 (INR 999 if you book for two together). Of course, the love and kisses are free. Whether you're an animal lover, looking to be a pet parent, or just want to really try something new and don't mind having pups around you, just DM Pawga on Instagram and sign up for one of their events. 


While they take care to sanitise the place thoroughly and also provide yoga mats, you are free to bring your own mat. 

You can sign up for one of the two slots they usually have on Sundays. You can hit them up on Instagram or Facebook to get all the details.