Jenga Mondays To Trivia Thursdays: These Chennai Pub Quizzes And Game Nights Are Boss

Anirudh posted on 27 March

Are you bored of going out for just another dining or drinks kind of outing with friends or fam? Worry not, because these pubs in Chennai host exciting game nights and themed quizzing to make life much more exciting. From Trivia Thursdays to Jenga Mondays, here is where you need to be the next time you go out to grab some food or get drinks.

10 Downing Street

This iconic pub in North Boag Road in T Nagar is known for its Brit ambience and super cocktails. Apart from hosting Ladies Night on Wednesdays, it also hosts a quiz every Tuesday. During their pub quiz, 30 questions are asked and the folks who get an answer right get a complimentary starter or a drink, depending on the questions. 10 Downing Street also conducts interesting theme quizzes such as a Game Of Thrones one or even one on Rajinikanth. So get your squad here on a Tuesday night, get your act together and win those complimentary drinks! By answering correctly of course Now you know where to spend your Tuesday night!

When: Every Tuesday, 9pm onwards

Casual Dining

Kences Inn Boutique Hotel, 50, North Boag Road, Thyagaraya Nagar, Chennai

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B-Side: Thousand Lights

Earlier known as B-Side, this popular pub on Greams Road, Nungambakkam is known for its good music and pub grub. Similar to 10 Downing Street, B-Side hosts quizzes every Thursday, at 9pm. There are 30 questions to be answered, and every right answer is rewarded with shooters, starters, and beer. The theme of these quizzes varies from Harry Potter to politics and Star Wars to Kollywood, and changes every week. Even if you lose, there’s some great music and good booze to cry to.

When: Thursday, 9pm onwards


Murugesan Naicker Complex, 65/5, Greams Road, Thousand Lights, Nungambakkam, Chennai

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Hoppipola has evolved into one of the coolest watering holes in town (plus, they have really cheap drinks). But what we also love are their game nights, which means plenty of things to do rather than just drinks. The pretty and cosy ambience of the pub is complimented by a white and blue decor and perfect lighting. Great music and good food make it a perfect spot for an outing, but what makes it even better are the pubs regular games like beer pong, board games and the very famous life-size Jenga set. Grab your friends and head to Hoppipola. Let the games begin!

When: Throughout the week, noon to 11.30pm


The Spring Hotel, 11, Kodambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai

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Vault Bar and Stock Exchange

In this year old bar at T Nagar, everything means business. Although the price of alcohol changes every minute at this bar, but nothing can stop you from winning exciting prizes at The Vault on every Thursday. Their pub quiz is called Love Thursday, and is very popular among Vapour regulars. So, get those bullish friends and head to the mock Wall Street of Chennai to ace the Love Thursday quiz and win exciting prizes.

When: Every Thursday, 8pm onwards


22/23, Venkatanarayana Road, Thyagaraya Nagar, Chennai

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