Move Over Surfing, Slacklining Is Here And We’ll Tell You Where You Can Try It

    Aasha posted on 21 September


    Chennai-based Eashwar Mathur conducts slacklining lessons and all you need is your adventurous spirit!

    What Makes It Awesome

    Surfing, scuba diving, parasailing, these activities are not new to Chennai. But, hey, have you tried slacklining yet? Slacklining is the act of walking or balancing along a suspended length of a flat line tied between two anchors, and Chennai peeps are loving it! Tightrope walking and slacklining are similar, but there is more tension on the rope in the former. In slacklining, the line slacks in all four directions (up, down, and sideways). Slacklining is the ultimate workout, Eashwar says, because you are focused and working your core, calves, and shoulders with every movement. And this workout doesn't drain you out, so it is almost painless.  

    Eashwar had his first brush with slacklining at the Covelong Fest last year. After which there was no turning back for the 22-year-old. All you do is walk on a flat line that’s tied between two trees (or any sturdy anchors), he says. Sounds dangerous? Turns out it isn’t. Eashwar says that anyone can do it if they focus. Since the line is tied on very low levels, there is no risk of getting hurt. You don’t need to be fit to try slacklining, he says. But, don’t expect to walk on your very first day. It takes a few days to find your balance, but once you do, it’s addictive! 

    All you need to try slacklining is a line. There are 1 and 2-inch lines and you have to pick the right one depending on the tension of the line. The line can hold up to 600 kg, Eashwar says. The ropes are priced from INR 2,000, but it’s better if you don’t buy it right away. If you book a session with Eashwar, you can use his line. Right now, he conducts sessions from Madipakkam and you can book a session for INR 250. Eashwar plans to start a slacklining community soon and organise regular slacklining classes and events. You can contact Eashwar on 8825585376.


    If you have space in your home or backyard, Eashwar can come and conduct a session for you at your place. All those who are already excited, follow Slacklining Chennai on FB to find out about upcoming events. So what are you waiting for? 

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