This Akka Serves Up Fish Thalis And Prawns Masala At Marina Beach

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Sundari Akka Kadai is famous for seafood and its sundari akka of course who runs the small eatery at Marina beach. Want to come by? The little kadai is easy to find as it’s even on Google Maps.

Great For

Seafood, Budget-Friendly 

What Makes It Awesome

Fifty-year-old Sundari has been serving food for Chennaites for nearly a decade now. Her colourful kiosk at Marina beach is a favourite amongst those who love seafood and hard to miss judging by the crowd {a large portion consisting of regulars} that gathers around for lunch and dinner. We get here on a Wednesday afternoon {thankfully the sun’s hiding behind the clouds} and spot akka and her team of helpers frying fish and prawns and serving rice and hot curries to hungry patrons. You can spot her hurrying about with her hairnet on, making sure everything is in order – from the cleaning of the seafood to the frying of the fish. She’s adorably friendly and is only happy to pose for pictures, probably used to the time in the limelight thanks to her famous kutti kadai.
On the menu there’s rice & curry {both vegetarian and non-vegetarian}  and the rest consists of home-style dishes comprising crab, fish, prawns, egg and even mutton. You can even order from her for special functions and events. We ask for fried fish {that came up to INR 200, not as inexpensive as we thought it’d be} and a gracious portion of rice with prawns {INR 150} served on a plantain leaf over a steel plate. If you love your kaaram food, you’ll love the marinades she uses. There’s a strong flavour of peanut oil that seeps through the soft, flaky fish. If you’re ever this side of town, it’s definitely an experience to come by this spot for seafood. The shop is open till 9 pm, and if you’re doubtful whether she’s open on a particular day, all you need to do is give her a call on +91 9176435344.

What Could Be Better

The prawn is spicy and quite flavourful when compared to the fish which seemed a lot blander. There are plastic stools to sit on but do be mindful of the greedy crows lurking about.