Spicy Buttermilk On A Stick? This Cute Food Truck By The Beach Serves Crazy Popsicles!

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What Makes It Awesome

The Tickle Truck parked in the left corner of the beach, right after Cozee is more than just an ice-cream truck. While the truck is cute as a button, their menu offers colourful and interesting flavoured ice-creams starting at just INR 30. Craving popsicles?

Try their “Poptickles” in the Wonderland section of the menu; they have crazy options like the Mystery More – a spicy buttermilk popsicle with kaara boondhi. Yes, a very local and desi combination! They also have other Poptickles like Jumping Jamuns, Krazy Kirni and more with which they offer an interesting range of flavours like bhujia sev (say what?), classic pomegranate and others topped with tangy sauces. All of this at just INR 30, peeps!

Moving on to Frozen Land section, their “Nitrickles” is for pure ice cream lovers. In this group, they have plenty of western and Indian flavours as well. While the Choco Freeze, Salted Caramel and Vanishing Cookie are familiar flavours you’re obviously comfy with why not try their Indian sweet range if you’re in the mood to experiment. The Glacial Gulkand, Teasing Theratti Paal (infused with pal khoa) and Cool Carrot Halwa are worth a shot. Oh, and if you’re looking to quench your thirst, then their Tower of Ticklodas like Cool Blue, Giant Apple and more are thirst-quenchers, especially if sodas are your go-to drink. Price for two: INR 200