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Forget Himachal! Experience Snow Right Here In Chennai At This Wonderland In ECR

    Injambakkam, Chennai

    What Makes It Awesome

    We've all wished for days where we could experience snowfall in Chennai. While that may not be possible, you don't have to always take off to the hills to experience this, because we've got snow, peeps! Take a trip to VGP Snow Kingdom in ECR, and you will know exactly what we mean. 

    Open to all ages, VGP Snow Kingdom is a snow amusement park that has become reasonably popular among families and children. Located right next to VGP Universal Kingdom in Injambakkam, this snow park is really top-notch. For an entry cost of INR 550 for adults (and INR 500 for kids), you get full 45-minutes access to the snow zone. Right from getting into a snowball fight or climbing a snow mountain to sliding down a giant slope on a tire, you can have a total blast with your squad here.

    You also get a thick jacket, gloves and socks & boots, which are available in different sizes varying with age group before entering the snow zone. You could even buy some hot filter coffee to keep you from freezing completely. VGP Snow Kingdom also plays funky music and has a room for you to de-freeze and come back to the snow zone after getting some warmth. All sorted! 

    Right outside the snow zone, the park has food stalls too like Madras Coffee House, Mad Fries (a kiosk selling different kinds of fries) and more. VGP Snow Kingdom also hosts a 3D art museum, a wax museum and a virtual reality ride. Watch out for the combo tickets which could get you into all these three attractions. All you have to do is pick a date with your squad. Commuting is also not a problem because plenty of buses go towards that route, and the park has ample parking space too. Just be sure to wear some warm clothes before visiting this 1-degree zone right here in the city!

      Injambakkam, Chennai