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We Love This Quaint Cafe So Much That There Is Even An Outlet In Taramani

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Whether it’s the free WiFi, books, initiatives where they hire only burn or acid attack survivors or dyslexia awareness menu, you can’t NOT love this lovely café. Located in the quiet hood along the roads of Taramani, this outlet of Writer's Cafe lights up like pixie dust in the evenings. The fairy lights pave the way for you to enter the cafe where you are welcomed with shelves of books stacked along. You can find classics from Shakespeare and Harry Potter books to even comics. Pick one up as you walk deeper into the cafe. 

Writer's Cafe is decorated with teal and white seatings. There is a kids toys corner with curving branches of a tree installation. The cafe is surrounded by glass, ceiling-to-floor with a garden at the back.  There’s an ice cream lab upstairs that currently serves 32 flavours. They’ve got European chefs onboard, and a fully functional lab with blast chillers and ice cream machines so expect all-natural, freshly-made scoops! Everything from chikoo to kesar badam to even Manhattan cheesecake… oh and they even have vegan options like pineapple sorbet. 

Of course, there’s a lovely social initiative involved in this Writer's Cafe outlet as well. Twelve members of the staff are spastic, some have cerebral palsy, and some are mentally different. And they all get a chance to help around the café from greeting customers to even helping out in the kitchen. Heart-warming! Their quirky menu mentions some cheesy pasta and pizza options. Just like the other outlets, this one also serves hot jalapeno cheese poppers that you should try out. They have some macarons and muffins to give that perfect match to your coffee as well.