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Stay Home, Do This: Here Are The Top Five Things For You To Do When At Home


    In the wake of the rapidly spreading Corvid 19, we’re here to continue telling you to Stay Home, Do This. As a safer, more sensible version in the current time of Go Here Do This, we’ll ensure you’re still as amused about things around you, even if it means staying home. So, here are the top five things for you to do at home in Chennai! But before you get started on anything, we suggest, and so does the WHO, to wash your hands clean.

    Help A Local Business

    LBB Local Gifts

    With small to medium size local businesses being hit by the lockdown the most, help them out by buying gift cards. Support your favourite local stores, bookshops, restaurants, cafes, cosmetic brands, salons, & more. Partnering with several amazing local brands, we're selling gift cards and vouchers worth INR 100, INR 500, INR 1,000 and INR 2,000 that you can buy NOW, and redeem later. Of course, 100% of the proceeds go directly to the brands. So, support your favourite brands - be it a local bar, a beloved clothing brand, or a store by buying a voucher here. If you’re a brand or local business, sign up for vouchers here

    Learn Awesome Things At Home

    From styling workshops to baking sessions and craft lessons, there's plenty we're curating for you every day. All you've got to do is free up some time and tune in from the comfort of your home. Get all the deets about the latest events here. We also have DIYs, beauty hacks, recipes and more for you to try out. Click here and here to know more.  

    Feel Free To Order In

    Food Delivery Services

    No matter which city you're in, you have a favourite spot in town for those days you're craving something specific. This is how we feel about Sandy's food nicely paired with their thick chocolate shake (which you can get delivered home by the way). There's comfort food from Khichdi Experiment too, which you can get delivered through food delivery platforms. Check out our Delivering Now section and order in from your favourite restaurants. That said, be sure to opt for contactless deliveries, online payment and of course, wash your hands thoroughly before you eat. 

    Get Fit With LBB

    Fitness posts

    Check out our home workouts! Partnering with experts in the fitness industry, don't let the fact that you can't go to the gym stop you from getting fit at home! Be it Yoga, basic stretching at home or Dance Fitness, we have something for you every few days. Check the app for regular videos. 

    Shop On LBB

    Shop On LBB

    Yes, we're now delivering full-on, which means you can shop for everything from clothes and accessories to essentials - all from your favourite local brands. Colourful masks, spices, condiments, baked goods, healthy snacks, men's grooming products, sanitizers and women's and men's fashion, hygiene products are now being sold under the essentials sections of LBB.IN/Shop. Check them out here.