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Nuclear Countdown Or Secret Missions: Can You Escape From This Room In 45 Minutes?

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Check out one of Chennai’s first Escape Game concept centres, Freeing India, in Ispahani Centre and unlock codes and solve mysteries to escape from their themed rooms. Oh, and they’ve got virtual reality games too!

What Makes It Awesome

For those of you unfamiliar with what an Escape Game is, it’s a puzzle solving game where you and your squad are locked in a room and tasked with getting out. Clues and hints are spread across the room and it’s on you and the gang to solve the puzzle and break out before the clock runs out. Each puzzle is in a customised room of its own and has a unique theme. Ever imagined what it would be like to diffuse a bomb? Or be a super spy on a top secret mission? Imagine no further. Those two dreams are two of the five themes on offer at Freeing India.

The puzzles themselves force you to use your grey matter and have varying levels of difficulty with the “Live To Tell” super spy theme being the trickiest. Recommended group sizes are from three to six depending on the puzzle, however, two-person groups are accepted. Just note that it’ll be like playing the same game but it’ll probably be a lot harder.

With rates starting at INR 150 per person per game, it’s pretty cheap and totally worth it. They’ve even tied up with their VR partner Kaleidozone to bring you Virtual Reality games too. With six different VR stations and eight VR games to check out, there’s a lot to do. Just watching your mates flail around like headless chickens while in an Oculus Rift headset is fun in itself.

The VR games, however, start at INR 300 per person for just a few minutes of play.  They aren’t the best use of your time there; at best, it’s worth a try to experience the novelty of VR.

If you were wondering if they do birthday parties and corporate events, you’re in luck! They are well equipped to handle group sizes of 50 plus and offer discounts and deals too. Though please note, all the games are available only on reservation, as slots are fixed and large group events need to be booked well in advance.