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You Are Us! This Cafe In Kotturpuram Is An All Inclusive Place For Differently Abled People.

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This concept cafe focuses on creating an all-inclusive hangout place for not only youth but for differently-abled people with their events and user friendly space!

What Makes It Awesome

Just because they are born differently does not mean they are not the same at heart. Aiming to make people feel wanted and feel like they belong so that they could enjoy the simple happiness of hanging out in a cafe or chill with friends in an event, The Kalakkal Cafe in Kotturpuram came into being. It was started by Vidyasagar NGO in Chennai which focuses on the development and spreading awareness about differently-abled people. 

The Kalakal Cafe is open every Saturday and provides a space for you to attend many events from Open mics to stand up comedies by leading comedians. They even host storytelling and poetry reading. Then there are Saturdays where you want nothing but enjoy tea and chat with your friends. They have a ramp specifically built for those who cannot walk, a colourful menu in braille and quirky mugs and sippers. Singalongs, birthday celebrations and even cricket on days, this place is a place for 

The best thing you could probably enjoy their is probably their masala tea of piping hot filter coffee. There is a food store right outside which serves different types of Samosas, pastries, bajjis and other snacks. After all, what goes better with your chill evening out with friends than some munchies! Sometimes they even partner with other cafes to give a variety of delish items.


They have events almost every Saturday so keep a watch on their facebook page for the same. You just get comfort munchies on regular Saturdays. It also is a place for differently-abled people to socialise and interact so do respect their space and make them feel home.