Feel The Rush Of A Heroic Escape With Your Squad At This Game Room

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Mystery Rooms in Nungambakkam is the challenge you should take on now. For those of you unfamiliar with how this game room functions — you and your squad of 2-6 play protagonists, set in a perilous scenario and tasked with saving the world. You have to ultimately escape the locked room you’re “trapped” in. You do so by solving a trail of puzzles littered around the room.

There are plenty of clues as well, and each scenario/game has a timer of 60 minutes within which you must escape the room. Puzzles can vary from basic arithmetic to pattern recognition and problem-solving. To that end, while kids are allowed, we think that anyone over the age of 16-18 will have a lot more fun than anyone below.

Mystery Rooms has five themed rooms with Lockout being the most popular. The plot here is reminiscent of Prison Break as you’re tasked with breaking out of prison after being wrongfully convicted. Rooms are categorised based on difficulty with Lockout being the easiest. The other games are much harder with puzzles being a lot more complicated, all except the Hangover one. This one is for you fellas who are out celebrating your friend's bachelor party or bachelorette. Here, the scenario is such that the groom-to-be has lost his wedding ring and you have an hour to find it. Perfect time for you to let our your Alan, Stu or Doug, but remember the clock is ticking. 

As for the remaining games, there's one that has you stealing the Kohinoor diamond from a hi-tech museum, the other has you escaping a haunted fort, and the last one has you solving a murder mystery with a killer on the loose. For a single game, you can expect to pay a per head charge of around INR 700-800 for a group of four. Weekday charges are slightly lower than weekend charges, and you save more as the group gets bigger. Open from 11 am to 11 pm all days of the week, you can book for a game at Mystery Rooms online. 

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