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New Hobbies To Pick Up In 2020

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We all see the new year as the perfect time to learn/do something new. We've a made list of interesting hobbies that you can pick up in 2020. We're excited about a few on the list that we might pick up too! Let's do this! 

Grow Your Own Produce After Learning Gardening

Indulge in your love for plants and landscaping as you pickup gardening as a hobby in 2020. Pick up the right spot at your home, with ample sunlight and good water. Head over to The Pot Store at Adyar to find a wide range of ceramic, terracotta and fiber pots, as well as manure and seeds. Make your 2020 green and start cooking your 'homegrown' veggies!  Find more gardening stores in the city here. 

Learn A Martial Art

Transform yourself into a tough martial artist and begin your journey to become a black belt! Unlike the action movies, Martial Arts teach you self control, gives you focus and great physical and mental health. A proper training session is scientifically proven to make you euphoric. Find the best martial art classes in Chennai here. 

Find Your Inner Peace By Practicing Yoga

Yoga might be the most beneficial physical activity a person can do. Well guided practice and meditation are proven to be calming and healing. We recommend you begin your spiritual, self-realising story in 2020 as you pick up the hobby of practising yoga. Check out our list of the top yoga studios in Chennai. 

Find Your Tune By Picking Up An Instrument

Every one of us has music within. This new year, learn your dream instrument and start creating your own tunes. Begin making covers of your favourite artists and hit songs using your instrument. Chennai has a wide range of music classes for you to choose from. If you're a songbird, let your voice hit the high note after learning from one of these top places. If you're an instrument person, head to these guitar classes to strum your first chord. Finally, if pianos and keyboards are your jam, check out these top keyboard classes to hit the notes.

Get Gaming!

Games are now abundant and highly competitive. Never the less, they are absolutely entertaining and fun. Advancements in gaming consoles and video game graphics have made gaming more realistic and life-like. VR games put you right in the middle of a gunfight and get you strapped into a Formula 1 car! But if you're looking for some multi-player fun with your friends, simply head to these gaming places with your squad, pick a console and 'press start'! 

Start Reading Books

It's never too late to pick up a book and another one, and another one! Books twiddle with our imagination and makes our minds wander. We create faces, locations and incidents based on what the author tells us. This 2020, pick up the hobby of reading books and sail through covering tons of them! And if you're into discussing whacky theories with a group of people, check out these book clubs in Chennai.