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Books That Talk? Read People At This Human Library Right Here In Chennai

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Here’s one library that actually encourages speaking! The Human Library Chennai will be hosting reading sessions and renting ‘books’ that share their life experiences, up close and personal.

What Makes It Awesome

We’ve heard about this concept before when the first human library started in Denmark in 2000 and we’re so excited to know that we have one in our very own city! How wonderful is it to see the world as walking books — people telling their stories, their pages playing out through their conversations? The storytellers will share their personal experiences on challenging stereotypes, the prejudices they’ve faced and readers get a chance to speak to these books directly (think Ted Talks, but way more personal and interactive).
You may get to interact with an atheist in a Brahmin family, a transgender and her struggles finding her identity in a less sensitive society, a woman solo traveller and so much more! As a reader you can choose two books at the event {first come, first serve!} and you get about 40 minutes with each book. As a book, you get to talk to six people at a time. Most sessions are in English although regional languages are also encouraged. If you want to become  a “book”, all you have to do is register before an event (it’s free!) and share your stories; so get in touch with SaiLakshmi KV, Book Depot Manager. The idea is to create a community where people can interact and have conversations about difficult situations and see stories from the eyes of people from different walks of life. They’ve already had quite a few chapters covered already, so if you’re looking to be a part of their next chapter, contact SaiLakshmi at +91 8939566029.