More Than Marina & Bessy. Did You Know About These Secret Beaches In Chennai?

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If there is one thing Chennai can flaunt, it is its beaches. Marina Beach with the lighthouse, a lit promenade, a lovely stretch to walk along and stalls dotting the place make it a wonderful spot to visit all-round the year (barring monsoons, of course). There is also the Tiruvanmiyur Beach, buzzing with activities, and the Bessy Beach that's full of food stalls and lovely restaurants running parallel to the beach. But that also makes these spots super busy, attracting crowds all the time except for early mornings maybe. So, what do you do when you are seeking some solitude and peace? Easy. You check out these less-crowded beaches in Chennai. Stroll down and get exploring. 

Disclaimer: Given the current pandemic, not all the spots will be accessible in that place, so plan your visit accordingly. Of course, follow ample social distancing and wear a mask at all times. 

Arundale Beach

It is unconfirmed if this is the actual name for this stretch of beach. The nomenclature stems from one of the roads that leads to this beach. It’s an extension of Bessy, but not as busy. There’s a famed Lakshmi temple close by, and the access to this beach is through a short, but spooky, path. It is not advisable to go here after sunset, unless you have flashlights and a lot of courage.

4th Seaward Road

If you go down 4th Seaward Road (sea-ward, get it?) all the way till the road ends and turns a sharp right, you will reach a beach. This is Tiruvanmiyur Beach’s not so distant cousin. A lot of people come here to take pictures with their bikes, or just practice photoshoots with their DSLRs. The area is better lit than Arundale, but if you’re planning to go here later than 9 pm, make other plans.

Beaches Off East Coast Road

If you have a ride, then go for a long one down the ECR. The East Coast Road runs parallel to the right of the sea. Once you’ve crossed Injambakkam (VGP Resorts) and gone past the city limits, you will have a lot of options to turn left, away from the road and into the path leading to the beach. These places don’t really have specific names, and it might be difficult to use Google Maps. So, play it by the ear or eye, pack some water to stay hydrated, and get out that sunscreen! Find things to do in ECR here.

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